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US VALOR Receives innovator of the year-non profit award

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US VALOR has received the Innovator of the Year Award - Nonprofit as part of the Cybersecurity Stewardship Awards 2021.

The organization is standing up a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program focused on helping transitioning military service members and new veterans make a successful switch to working in the civilian workforce, specifically in the cybersecurity space. Lasting 18 months, the program takes new veterans through a pathway to become well qualified candidates for entry-level cybersecurity positions. US VALOR exists to help veterans transition seamlessly from the structure and organization of military life into the civilian workforce by providing valuable technical training in cybersecurity, along with essential power skills (or soft skills) to prepare them for demanding job opportunities that await.

“We are incredibly excited and honored to receive this award,” said Kelly Kendall, president and executive director of US VALOR. “It is great timing and we are about to do great things.”

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