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Press Release - Green Beret, John McElroy Selected to Participate in US VALOR’s Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Today, US VALOR (US Veterans Advancing Through Learning, Opportunities and Resources), a national non-profit organization, is helping service members and new Veterans transition from their military service to the civilian workforce. The goal is to help “change their story” of transitioning from active-duty military to a career where their dedication and passion for protecting our nation can be further realized. Focused on a cybersecurity apprenticeship model, US VALOR announced John McElroy as an apprenticeship trainee. A nationally recognized organization, US VALOR offers their US Department of Labor (DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program) and California Department of Apprenticeship Services (DAS) Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (CAP) to transitioning U.S. Military service members and new Veterans within one year of separating from active-duty U.S. Military service.

“We are honored to have John join the ranks of our US VALOR apprenticeship program,” said Kelly Kendall, president. “As a former Marine, I recall how difficult it was even to get started in the civilian world upon my exit from service.”  

John is actively participating in aU.S. Army program for the special operations community that allows John to begin transitioning from active duty as an Army Green Beret and Jump Instructor to the full-time apprenticeship program with US VALOR. John is a special operations Veteran with over 20 years of experience. During his eleven years as an Army Ranger he received a Purple Heart. His missions took him to Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout Africa. Most recently, he has led a “Jump Team” in various missions to protect and serve the United States of America. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from American Military University.

“I am excited to continue my service to our country in a way that can help protect our families and children,” shared McElroy. “It is my belief that all citizens of the United States of America should feel safe to enjoy the freedoms we cherish, and yet they should be unencumbered with those of us that help make that happen.”

During his participation in the US VALOR apprenticeship program, John will be rotating through four local businesses for a live, hands-on experience that sets individuals apart. The full CAP is approximately 2,000 hours in duration over a 12-month period, and is rich in experience and exposure. Not only does the program provide the technical skills that our nation is in dire need of, it also includes the “power skills” that will allow the men and women who were willing to give their lives for our country to transition smoothly as they learn to listen, prepare, plan, and execute in the fast-paced cybersecurity civilian workforce of today.


US VALOR is a non-profit focused on humanity and providing respect and hope to U.S. Veterans that have made great sacrifices for their fellow countrymen within the United States and around the globe. US VALOR exists to help Veterans transition seamlessly from the structure and organization of military life into the civilian workforce by providing valuable technical training in Cybersecurity, along with essential “Power Skills”, to prepare them for demanding opportunities that await. US VALOR helps veterans establish a new sense of purpose, direction, and community through a shared understanding of passion and mission.

About the Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program (CAP)

The US VALOR CAP prepares the apprentices to leave the program with the necessary qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) to participate in varying workforce categories/roles. Upon completing the full US VALOR Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Program, a candidate will have completed and earned ten major Cybersecurity certifications through SANS, CompTIA, EC Council, ISC2, ISACA, Cybersec, and Fortinet.

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