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Why donate to US VALOR? Our plan and commitment is to distribute a minimum of 85% of all donations directly to military veterans and their families, through “The Pathway” program, and through direct support to families in need. Our goal is to get to 95%. We commit to being transparent in everything we do.





The US VALOR CAP brings together cutting-edge education providers, highly in demand cybersecurity certifications, a structured program based on the US  VALOR concept of a “Pathway” that leads the candidates through the learning and certification process, a foundation based on the national standard bearer for frameworks, and the support of an ecosystem all focused on helping young transitioning military and veterans become well trained, well equipped, successful members of the national cybersecurity workforce. The US VALOR Cybersecurity certification program has been developed based on the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, in conjunction with the DOD 8140/8570 framework.


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